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 TRADCO Command overview

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Command leadership:

XO: hezron11, Captain

anders through Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN); provides support to the Army's Human Capital Core Enterprise.
Commanding general’s vision

Victory starts here! TRADOC is providing the right people with the right skills, right capabilities, at the right time and right place for today and tomorrow.

To shape both today's Army and the future combat force, TRADOC:

* Recruits and trains Soldiers, the centerpiece of the Army: TRADOC builds the Army on a solid foundation of quality people by transforming recruits into Soldiers – Soldiers who are physically tough, mentally adaptive and live the Warrior Ethos. Soldiers are our ultimate asymmetric advantage and cannot be matched by our adversaries, current or future.
* Develops adaptive leaders: TRADOC trains leaders for certainty and educates them for uncertainty. Leader development produces innovative, flexible, culturally astute professionals expert in the art and science of the profession of arms and able to quickly adapt to the wide-ranging conditions of full-spectrum operations.
* Designs today’s Army modular force and the future combat force: TRADOC identifies and integrates comprehensive solutions for the Army modular force, both today and tomorrow.
* Maximizes institutional learning and adaptation: As an integral component of an innovative generating force, TRADOC shapes and links it seamlessly to the operating force to maximize Army learning and adaptation.

TRADOC priorities

1. Leader Development
a. Training
b. Education
c. Experience

2. Initial Military Training

3. Support to ARFORGEN

4. Future Capabilities Integration

5. Army Training Concept

6. Human Capital Core Enterprise
TRADOC scope and scale

TRADOC has more than 27,000 Soldiers and 11,000 civilians working daily to accomplish our mission. We have 32 schools, and we train more than 500,000 Soldiers a year. Our footprint spreads throughout the continental United States at 20 different locations, and we provide the senior commander on 13 of those installations.
Deputy commanding generals

DCG-Combined Arms/CAC commanding general

TRADOC’s DCG-Combined Arms is dual-hatted as the commanding general of the Combined Arms Center, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. CAC’s CG serves as the TRADOC proponent for leader development; professional military education (officer, warrant officer, noncommissioned officer and civilian); battle command and command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (more commonly known as C4ISR); collective training; Army doctrine; and dissemination of observations/lessons learned.

The CAC commander is responsible for providing guidance, leadership and command supervision to the branch centers/schools to ensure that training remains safe, relevant, realistic and executed to Army standards. CAC’s CG is also responsible for the Army’s Combat Training Center Program.

DCG-Futures/ARCIC director

The DCG-Futures is dual-hatted as ARCIC’s director. ARCIC develops and integrates into a joint warfighting environment, from concept to capability, all aspects of the future force. This DCG and his team develop and integrate Joint and Army concepts, architectures and doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership, personnel and facilities (DOTMLPF) capabilities; validate science and technology priorities; and lead future-force experimentation. The DCG-Futures synchronizes and integrates Army capabilities with Joint, interagency and multinational capabilities.


The DCG-IMT is the TRADOC executive responsible for the Army’s officer, warrant officer and enlisted training process through completion of IMT. The DCG-IMT is also responsible for providing IMT policy and execution guidance to TRADOC commanders and staff outside the IMT chain of command.

IMT encompasses reception-battalion operations that support IMT; basic combat training; advanced individual training; one-station unit training; Reserve Officer Training Corps; Officer Candidate School; Warrant Officer Candidate School; Basic Officer Leader Course Phases II and III; and recruiter, drill sergeant and other IMT cadre training.

DCG-Army Reserve

The DCG-Army Reserve assists TRADOC's CG in executing missions that require integration of Reserve Soldiers.

DCG-National Guard

The DCG-ARNG assists TRADOC's CG in DOTMLPF matters impacting the training and readiness of Army National Guard Soldiers and champions TRADOC programs and future initiatives through existing senior-level forums.
Deputy chiefs of staff

* DCS, G-1/4 (personnel and logistics)
* DCS, G-2 (intelligence)
* DCS, G-3/5/7 (operations, plans and training)
(G-3/5/7 sites)
* DCS, G-6 (command, control, communications and computers)
* DCS, G-8 (resource management)
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TRADCO Command overview
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