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 The mission of theManeuver Senior Leader Course (MSLC)

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PostSubject: The mission of theManeuver Senior Leader Course (MSLC)   Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:39 pm

Is to develop an NCO that is tactically and technically proficient in the skills necessary to lead, train, employ, and maintain Infantry, Mortar, and Armor platoons in a Combined Arms Company/ Team. Focusing on similarities between the MOS’s and how they operate together in the Contemporary Operational Environment.

Training includes cultural awareness, Brigade and Battalion Staff functions, FBCB2, MOS specific and Culminates in a simulated combat exercise in the CCTT. Upon Graduation these Platoon Sergeants are fully prepared to operate and succeed in Full Spectrum operations.
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The mission of theManeuver Senior Leader Course (MSLC)
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